Lonesome Road

by Chad Barela

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released 30 January 2013



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Track Name: Seasons Of Life
The leaves are changing colors
with the changing of my mind
The air is getting colder
with the aging of my heart
there was a time in winter
we would keep each other warm
stay inside both day and night
with you underneath my arm

I know that we're older
time grew us apart
at least I have my brothers
who've been there from the start
the snow falls in the mountains
harder than here in town
and the winds worse in the valley
what a horrifying sound

when the sun would peak its head out
at the dawn of spring
the birds would sing out loud
like I'd ask you to sing to me
we took a trip and drove out west
where I would meet your family
and you'd witness my first time
looking out unto the sea

I know we've had good times
God know we've had bad
can't help from writing sad songs
like oceans cling to sand
the waves are getting closer
with the changing of the tide
like that season of life
came to wash away my pride

Theres not much we have to work with
i'm moving to a different place
we're on to another chapter
with the turning of a page
these things they don't come easy
its so hard accepting change
but its God who gave this gift
and its his to take away

Lord knows that I'm tired
he knows i feel alone
I know his ways are higher
I'll cope with the unknown
I'm off to tennessee
on that long and lonesome road
to become a real man
living life out on my own
Track Name: Sleepless Nights
Verse 1:
I've been awake for what seems to be days
thinking of what we would be
sleepless nights and bloodshot eyes
thinking of you is my caffein

I miss you, I bet you never thought I would
I miss you, I only wish you understood
even if I sleep tonight I'll have nobody by my side
this lonely old soul will be alright

Verse 2:
I stay out late until the blackest of night
a cigarette a matches strike
I can't get away, I can't even sleep right
I'm losing my sense of time

I know that this ain't healthy
i was hoping you would help me
let go and put this thing to rest
Track Name: Lonesome Road
I'm done with this old life
of working this nine to five
if things don't change quickly
I think I'll curl up and die
Nows my time for leaving
for times not on my side
yeah, I'll just keep on driving
this is my goodbye

I've got nothing holding me down
no responsibilities
I think I'll go see the ocean side
or run off into the free
Theres nothing here in this run down town
so I think that its time to go
I'll just keep on driving
where only God knows

I won't be leaving much behind
no wife no kids no home
Life leaves me guessin bout this loneliness
why am I always left alone?
theres so many things that I wish I had
a lady to call my own
I'll just keep on driving
this long and lonesome road

If only I had that girl
the one in dreams I see
we'd travel the world we'd sail the seas
til our hearts would lose their beat
If only she knew how I feel inside
If only she'd fall for me
I'll just keep on driving
with no company
Track Name: Wanderer
No I don't know where I'm going and I sure as hell don't know why
like the fog out on the shoreline I'll soon disappear in the sky
I've been searching for all the answers in the galaxies up high
why am I stuck here a'guessing left to shrivel up and die
I've been told to not ask questions, like they tell the little boys
just sit back and just listen and play with all your toys
but if I'm to be a man, I need fight I need to hunt
so I'm headed to the forest to have some old fashioned fun
I'll take on the king of lions or goliath on his best day
sure I'm scared of all the villains but I know theres no other way
so I'm out here on this journey, lets hope I arrive safe
I'd rather live my life with meaning than waste all of my days
so if you see me in the wild, don't you lie and don't you cheat
I'll be dining with the grizzlies and I hear they eat red meat
I've been wandering in the woods for a long 23 years
I keep finding myself stumbling I just hope to find you here
Track Name: Closer Than I Appear
Verse 1:
I saw you outside that night
walking to your car
To make sure that you'd be alright
I followed that far
I wondered if you looked into
your rear view mirror
And noticed me behind you
I'm closer than I appear

You may not know who I am but I dont mind
just give chance girl everything will be just fine

So now you are here with me
and me with you
I’m standing in the pouring rain
but its the least I could do

Verse 2:
We finally pulled into
the place you'd go to read
I stayed outside without you
To feel my heart bleed
The rain fell My lips turned blue
As I stood shivering
From the window is where I watched you
hoping we might just meet